Fighting for the Future


Minimum Wage

The Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania has not seen an increase in over 10 years. Living off of $7.25 an hour is unconscionable. It is beyond time to raise the wage, boost the economy and reduce income inequality. That is why I have always co-sponsored legislation and will continue to fight to raise the wage to $15 an hour.

Organized Labor

I will always support the women and men of organized labor. Making sure they have equal rights and a seat at the table is critical. I am proud to have the support of several local unions.


Medicaid Expansion

Supported Legislation for Medicaid Expansion in Pennsylvania.

Affordable Healthcare Act

Voted to create an authority to operate a state-based health insurance exchange for Affordable Care Act Plans; helping roughly 400,000 Pennsylvanians afford quality health insurance with lower premiums.

Paid Sick Leave

Supportive of Paid Sick Leave.


Decreasing Methane Emissions

Voted against legislation that sought to increase methane emissions.

Climate Caucus

Proud member of the PA House Climate Caucus.

Global Warming

We must move toward all forms of renewable energy in order to reverse the alarming trend of global warming.

Environmental Organizations

Previously endorsed by several environmental organizations.


Education Funding

Led the fight to fully restore the $1 Billion cuts to education.

Early Childhood Education

A member of the Early Childhood Education Caucus.

Charter Schools

Fighting to make sure tax-payer funded charter schools play by the same rules as our Public Schools.

College Affordability

The cost of a college education continues to increase with less and less funding provided by the state to our state sponsored colleges and universities. Will continue to fight for programs that will provide higher education opportunities to all of our residents.

LGBTQ+ Rights

LGBTQ Equality Caucus

Member of the LGBTQ Equality Caucus.

Expanding Hate Crime Protections

I am a proud co-sponsor of legislation to expand the offense to include mental or physical disability, actual or perceived ancestry, sexual orientation and gender or gender identity.

Fighting to End Discrimination

Supported and will continue to fight for legal protections for our LGBTQ+ citizens in the workplace and everywhere in Pennsylvania.

Banning Gay, Trans Panic Defense

Leading the fight with Representative Dan Miller by introducing legislation to remove this abhorrent defense in criminal cases.

Banning Conversion Therapy for Minors

I am a proud co-sponsor of this legislation and will continue to fight for it.

Protecting Women's Health & Rights

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania

The Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Political Action Committee was established in 1994 to elect candidates to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches who are committed to protecting the health services Planned Parenthood provides.

Women Can Make Their Own Health Care Decisions

Will continue to protect women’s access to health care. Politicians should not be interfering in patient’s personal health decisions and their rights to access to health care, including safe, legal abortion. Will always focus on ensuring the health and well-being of women and families.

Inequality in Health Care Access

All people should have equal access to reproductive health care. Unfortunately, women of color, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community are disproportionately impacted by restrictions on that care. For many, birth control and abortion are out of reach because of their income, where they live, or because their boss objects to it.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Co-sponsor of the Equal Pay Law. Our state ranks 29th in the United States for pay equity. Women in Pennsylvania on average make 79% of what men make. It takes women an additional four months and four days to get paid the same as their male counterparts. This is despite the fact that women are just as qualified and have the same amount of experience as their male co-workers.

Panic Button Legislation

Introduced legislation that would implement a “panic button’ for hotel employees. This button, when triggered by the employee, would immediately notify management and security if the employee feels threatened. Studies show that the majority of hotel employees are women.

Making Voting More Accessible

Early Voting

Voted to expand no excuse Early Voting.

Online Voter Registration

Advocated for online voter registration.

Voter Registration

Supported legislation to offer Election Day voter registration and automatic voter registration through interactions with state agencies.

Campaign Finance Reform

Supported legislation to reform Pennsylvania Campaign Finance Rules.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Supported several bills, including prescription drug monitoring, that have resulted in a decrease in the amount of overdose deaths in Allegheny County.

Helping our Senior Citizens

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

Routinely help hundreds of constituents receive the Property Tax/Rent Rebate each year.

Port Authority ConnectCard

Helped over 700 seniors receive a free Port Authority ConnectCard.

Protecting Our Animals

Dogs in Extreme Weather

Supportive of legislation that provides minimum requirements to protect dogs outside.

Victoria's Law

Proud supporter of legislation to change the way pet stores sell animals.

Pigeon Shoots

Fighting to ban the horrific practice of hosting pigeon shoots as competitions.

Humane Society

Proud to have routinely been endorsed and recommended by Humane PAC. I will always advocate for our animals.

Received the 2015 Humane Legislator of the Year Award from Humane Action Pittsburgh. 

2020 Humane PA Recommended Candidate.

Criminal Justice Reform

Clean Slate Legislation

Voted for House Bill 1419, the “Clean Slate” bill.

The Clean Slate legislation allows for individuals to petition the courts for their records to be sealed if a person has been free from conviction for 10 years for an offense that resulted in a year or more in prison and has paid all court-ordered financial debts.

Additionally, it allows automatic sealing of records for second or third-degree misdemeanor offenses that included a less than two-year prison sentence if a person has been free from convictions for 10 years, as well as sealing of criminal history records related to charges that resulted in non-convictions.

Ending Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Mandatory minimum sentences result in lengthy, excessive sentences for many people, leading to injustices, prison crowding, high costs for taxpayers — and less public safety.

Reform Government

Independent Redistricting Commission

Co-Sponsor of a Joint Resolution proposing integrated amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, deleting provisions relating to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission; and providing for the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Refused State Vehicle

Have never accepted and never will accept a taxpayer funded vehicle.

Bloated State Pension System for Elected Officials

Voted to help fix the bloated state pension system.

About Adam

State Representative - 20th District Pennsylvania

Adam Ravenstahl is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 20th District which includes the North Side, Strip District, Polish Hill, and Lawrenceville neighborhoods of the city of Pittsburgh, as well as Avalon, Bellevue, West View and parts of Ross Township.

Ravenstahl graduated from North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, and then graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Business Management. After graduation he was employed as a Business Analyst for UMPC Health Plan, while participating in numerous community activities, and served as a Democratic Committee Member.

Adam Ravenstahl won a special election on May 18, 2010 to become the state representative for the 20th Legislative District. Adam resides in Ross Township with his wife Alisha and their daughter Reagan.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Robert Morris University in 2007

Degree in Business Management.

Community Leader

Fighting for State Funds for our Communities

Secured more than $10 million in state funding for the 20th District in 2019.

Chair of the Committee on Ethics

Leadership. Experience.

Fighting to Grow the Middle Class and Move Pennsylvania Forward.

Campaign EventPrimary Election Day!

June 2, 2020
7:00 am - 8:00 pm
North Side, Strip District, Polish Hill, and Lawrenceville neighborhoods of the city of Pittsburgh, as well as Avalon, Bellevue, West View and parts of Ross Township.

Make your voice heard on Tuesday, June 2, 2020!

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