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March 13, 20201
MARCH 13, 2020


PITTSBURGH – Adam Ravenstahl announced today that his campaign would stop door knocking efforts in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.
“Going door to door and interacting with folks is not the best approach to be taking right now,” Ravenstahl said.
“The health and safety of the residents of the 20th District, especially our vulnerable populations, is of the utmost importance to me.”
The campaign will shift its efforts towards other methods of engaging voters for the foreseeable future.
“This pandemic is much bigger than a State House race,” said Ravenstahl. “I am hopeful candidates in all races will adopt a similar approach.”
Ravenstahl also plans to limit interactions with large groups of individuals.
“We will continue to monitor this situation and adjust accordingly,” he said. “It’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.”

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  • Lois Marak

    March 14, 2020 at 8:16 am

    So respectful. Best wishes and know you have our support

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