• Will continue to speak out about cuts made by the Governor to our school districts’ basic education subsidy.
  • Will fight to restore cuts to higher education.
  • Member of the Early Childhood Education Caucus.


  • Co-sponsor of legislation that will reduce the size of the legislature.
  • Co-sponsor of legislation that will reform campaign finance laws.


  • Will continue to fight for the working families of the 20th District.
  • Voted against job killing measures that have been proposed by our Governor.
  • Working to close the Delaware loophole that makes it harder for our small businesses to compete with big corporations that avoid paying Pennsylvania taxes.
  • Co-Sponsor of legislation to raise the minimum wage
  • Co-Sponsor of Equal Pay legislation for the women of our Commonwealth


  • Co-Sponsor of legislation to intervene in the UPMC/Highmark dispute and give all Pittsburgh area residents access to quality care.
  • Supports the expansion of Medicaid provided by federal government funding and rejected by Governor Corbett.


  • Voted in favor of legislation that would allow local school districts to eliminate school property taxes.
  • Voted against 2011-2012 state budget that made drastic cuts to education funding and further burdened homeowners in the 20th District.


  • Voted against the drilling legislation that created the lowest tax rate in the country for drillers, doesn’t provide funding for environmental impacts of drilling, and took zoning control away from our local elected officials.


  • Helped to lessen the proposed cuts by Port Authority in 2010 by working with other Allegheny County legislators to convince the Governor to provide $45 million to Port Authority.
  • We need to address our crumbling roads and bridges. Quality infrastructure is extremely important for our safety and to our economy.


  • Introduced legislation (H.B. 1134 of 2011-12) that would ensure that spouses of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard and other military reservists would not lose thier academic credits, scholarships and tuition if their husband or wife is called to active duty.


  • Member of the Aging & Older Adult Services Committee.
  • Will continue to support legislation that protects our greatest generation.


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